We are thieves of light and time. We steal luminescence. We pilfer milliseconds. In order that we may turn reality into imagination. It is a way of feeling, of touching, of remembering little things, of capturing forever what we will forget. Yet on freezing a moment, are we not yearning to reveal how rich reality truly is? When words fail, this is the story that we still tell. To grasp what our lives mean to us. It is not in the looking, but in the feeling. Finally, there is one thing they must contain forever - the humanity of the moment. We, therefore, politely spurn the indifferent label of photographers. We are but just the thieves of light and time. Inspiring images for social media, websites, e-commerce, branding, marketing, packaging, advertising and the imagination.

FIRE INC Professionals

Footnote: To Aaron Siskind, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Scott Lorenzo And Don McCullin. With gratitude for the inspiration and apologies for the desecration.